"off-grid" Modern guest house 

At the heart of the Owner’s objectives and primary goals of the project, are preservation and protection of the natural environment.  As such, this modern guest house is nestled into the hillside and situated on a spectacular site with ocean views. This healthy home is the pinnacle of environmentally-conscious, low-impact design and construction. The rooftop is planted with native grasses, and the house itself is made entirely of sustainable building materials such as steel, concrete and glass. The home is completely self-sufficient and includes its own sewage treatment, as well as an on-site water supply and a rooftop photovoltaic system to meet all energy needs.

This project was yet another opportunity for our project design team to pursue sustainable design and consider environmental impacts throughout all project phases. The entire team demonstrated an extremely high level of sensitivity towards the environment across the entire project scope.


Location, Hollister Ranch / Architect, Dan Weber and Steve Willson.