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playa PARAISO hotel

A spectacular 100-acre beachfront property along the Nicaraguan coastline is the future site of this hip, distinctive luxury hotel. The project includes phased development of a hotel program in the first phase, followed by a private high-end residential program in the second phase. As the design architects for the project, we were hired for concept design and site planning, working through design development in conjunction with a local architect of record.

Our objective was to design world-class accommodations and amenities that showcase the site’s spectacular inherent beauty and rich natural features in a way that feels congruous with the landscape and extreme climate. This undeveloped expanse of coastline features unobstructed beach access with world-class surf, cascading hillsides, sweeping coastal views and a tranquil forested canopy of indigenous flora.

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The hotel program includes a beachfront Clubhouse with an outdoor pool, full-sun and covered lounge areas, an open-air bar/restaurant, and reception/valet stations. A boathouse, horse stables, cliff-top Sunset Bar and spa/wellness facilities are located along the property, culminating in a rich guest experience of sand and sea without accruing density. Preservation of the land’s natural canopies and native plantings provide privacy between structures as well as shaded areas.

Accommodations include 50 guest suites, 20 cabanas and 30 luxury suites that have been designed for the area’s humid, sunny climate and heavy winter rains.

Learn more about the hotel’s Sunset Bar and Luxury Cabanas.

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Location: Nicaragua / Scope of Services: Site Planning, Concept Design, Design Development / Architect: Dan Weber / Project Manager: Geoff April / Design Team: Justin Harmon, Gilberto Villalobos / Renderings & Drawings: Anacapa / Completion Date: Ongoing